EL-VAR - installations & electrical measurements

We assemble the installation with our own, appropriately trained teams - we do not use the services of subcontractors.

We use high quality components

The authorizations and qualifications we have obtained allow us to ensure the best quality of the services we offer, as well as covering them with a multi-year guarantee in case of failure. In addition, we provide service for individual software components and the products we assemble. We use materials and products from Polish manufacturers for assembly, while supporting the economy.

We encourage you to use our services because of our extensive experience and practical skills in the installation of photovoltaic panels and full electronics in your home and business. We ensure timely and reliable execution of work. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our full range of services.

Rich offer and many years of experience

We offer our customers the installation of a LAN with all cabling and the possibility of installing fiber optics, as well as the establishment of modern security systems. In addition, we perform electrical measurements for companies and individuals. As an additional service, we offer prefabrication in apartment blocks and single-family houses.

As a company with many years of experience, we have also obtained a number of authorizations - including SEP G1/E and G1/D, so we have the necessary professional qualifications. As part of our cooperation, we have also received several certifications, including the renewable energy utility (RES) certificate, the F&Home certificate and the SATEL certificate, making us qualified to install security systems and develop smart home software. In addition, we are certified by Telegartner and Fibrain, which is important in our work, giving us the ability to cover structured software with a 25-year warranty.

Electric installations
Our offerings include:

- internal and external electrical installations

- external cable supply

- internal power supply lines

- basic lighting installations

- emergency and evacuation lighting installations

- lightning protection systems

- installation, modernization, replacement of electrical switchboards

- installation of fixtures, lamps, electrical appliances

We handle:

- single-family housing

- multi-family housing

- industry

- shopping malls

- car dealerships

- stores

- banks

- local government institutions

LAN installations
Our offerings include:

- LAN cabling

- fiber optic cabling

- crossover of UTP and fiber patchpanels

- fiber optic welding

- assembly and equipment of racks

- installation of switch, router, access point and other network equipment

- identification of network defects and their repair

Our offerings include:

- alarm installations with GSM notification

- CCTV monitoring

- Fire Alarm Systems

- security cameras

- monitoring of facilities during construction/expansion with time-lapse video recording - VILAPSE application

- recorders

- parking systems

Electrical measurements
As part of our offer, we take measurements with SONEL MPI-530IT, SONEL LKN-720, FLUKE DSX-600 meters

- fault loop impedance

- isolation resistance

- residual current circuit breakers

- effectiveness of protection against electric shock of machinery and equipment

- continuity of protective conductors

- resistance of working grounding

- continuity of lightning protection system short-circuits

- metrics of lightning protection devices

- intensity of basic lighting

- intensity of emergency and evacuation lighting

- illumination intensity of workstations

- tests of fire switches

- identification of wires and cables in the wall and in the ground

- measurements of structural networks

- measurements of fiber optic networks

- measurements of photovoltaic installations

Our offerings include:

- residential switchboards

- industrial switchboards

- meter switchboards

- construction switchboards

- cable connectors

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