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As part of our photovoltaic offer, we provide:

  • photovoltaic installations on the roof,
  • photovoltaic installations on the ground,
  • photovoltaic farms.

Services include:

  • photovoltaic panels of the Polish Manufacturer BRUK-BET,
  • inverters of reputable companies,
  • constructions of the Polish Manufacturer BAKS,
  • Installments BNP Paribas - at the customer's home - up to 100% of the investment, documentation - notification to the Energy Company, documentation - notification to the program "Mój prąd” 

We handle:

  • single-family housing,
  • multi-family housing,
  • local government institutions,
  • cooperatives,
  • housing communities,
  • industry.

We assemble the installation with our own, appropriately trained teams - we do not use the services of subcontractors.

The biggest advantages of photovoltaic installations

Innovative photovoltaic installations have many advantages. Until a few years ago, such an investment was really expensive and few people could afford it. Nowadays, the installation of photovoltaic panels requires much less money. All thanks to the fact that this field is developing very rapidly. Modern photovoltaic installations are not only cheaper, but also more efficient, created with more durable and modern components that can last for really long years.

As already mentioned, photovoltaics are a way to make sizable savings on your bills. However, not having to draw power from an outside supplier has other advantages as well. Being able to generate electricity yourself using renewable sources rather than non-renewable fuels is a much more planet-friendly solution.

Repair of photovoltaic panels

There are a lot of benefits to setting up a photovoltaic system, and it's easy to use. However, this does not mean that the installation can be left unattended. As it is mostly mounted on the roof, it is directly exposed to many atmospheric factors that can cause pollution and minor defects. We offer the opportunity to take advantage of the service of photovoltaic panels so that you get the chance to avoid a lot of unpleasantness associated with the malfunction of photovoltaic panels.

Solar service - what malfunctions can occur when using the panels?

Although photovoltaics are regarded as a trouble-free system, faults can occur during years of use, such as:

⮞ cracks in the panels,

⮞ PID (Potential Induced Degradation) - current escapes into the ground and destroys photovoltaic cells,

⮞ "snail trails" - micro-cracks on the surface of modules and discoloration of paste that can penetrate deeper, reducing installation performance;

⮞ hotspots - in other words, points of elevated temperature, the occurrence of which can cause a fire to break out.

Photovoltaic installations

Investing in photovoltaic panels is an excellent choice. This is an effective way to become independent of an external electricity supplier and become fully self-reliant in this regard. Modern photovoltaic panels mounted on roofs or on the ground are very efficient and durable. They are much more resistant than those products that were offered at the beginning of this field, several years ago. They allow to power the entire household with electricity obtained from the sun, without the need to incur any additional costs related to the obligation to pay electricity bills.


The installation of photovoltaic panels is now very profitable. It is an economical and ecological choice. Such an investment, of course, requires an initial outlay, which is relatively high. However, given the huge savings that can be made by switching to solar energy from your own solar installation, the investment will pay off very quickly. Self-supply of solar energy to a household is an excellent solution that guarantees independence and allows to significantly reduce the costs associated with running a household.

Full independence

Being independent of the electricity supply company means you don't have to worry about any power outages. With a photovoltaic installation, the household will be able to meet its needs in this regard on its own. In addition, if the installation design is really well matched to the requirements of your house, and the angle of the roof is optimal, there is a possibility that you will still earn extra money for the surplus energy.

The three biggest advantages of installing a photovoltaic system are:

✔ ecology,

✔ economics,

✔ independence.

Given that the European Union and other organizations are placing increasing emphasis on eco solutions for heating and power generation, it can be expected that such solutions will become even more popular over the years.

Ecological aspect of photovoltaics

Photovoltaic installation is also a way to support ecology. Given how much the problem with global warming and all climate pollution has grown in recent years, giving up the use of non-renewable energy sources is a great idea. Getting electricity from the sun helps reduce the need for fossil fuels and at the same time helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants in the atmosphere. This means that photovoltaics is a field that allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

How are photovoltaic panels serviced?

Solar service begins with a visual assessment of the installation's condition, which helps catch, among other things, loosening, discoloration and similar mechanical damage. An important step is to check the DC and AC protections. It is also important to check the structure for stability, the appearance of corrosion or to determine whether there is a risk of fire. An important part of servicing photovoltaic panels is control measurements, which can include insulation resistance or open circuit voltage, among others. It is also important to check the cleanliness of the modules and check the operation of the inverter.

How often should maintenance be performed?

The frequency of repairs of solar panels should be agreed individually. It is assumed that:

⮞Once every 3 months, we inspect the operation of the plant and check the cleanliness of the modules.

⮞Every year we inspect the state of the wiring, the condition of the installation, and clean the modules.

⮞Every 5 years, it is advisable to arrange for a slightly more extensive inspection, including: control measurements, analysis of inverter operation, and checking of protections.

Opt for photovoltaic panels

Approach the electricity in your home wisely. Get interested now in the solutions available in this area and, together with a specialist from EL-VAR, create an innovative photovoltaic installation project tailored to the needs of your household. Modern photovoltaic panels will provide you with access to the right amount of electricity obtained from the sun, even on days when it is gray and rainy outside the window. All thanks to the fact that the electricity obtained from such installations can be stored in the grid and used when needed.

Invest in modern photovoltaic panels. By choosing modern and highly efficient systems of this type, you are assured that the financial outlay made at the outset will pay off very quickly, and at the same time you know that you are putting your hand to ecological changes in the area. Don't be indifferent to today's planetary problems and combine environmental protection measures with bill savings.

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