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We perform plumbing and drainage installations in single-family and multi-family buildings, as well as heat pump installations, heating films and electric central heating boilers.
Heat pumps using heat from the environment can save up to 70% of energy costs for heating domestic water.

The fact that the central heating system is usually idle during the warmer months of the year increases the overall efficiency of the system. The energy thus obtained is used for efficient heating of domestic hot water. All the Heat Pumps we offer are suitable for connecting a photovoltaic system. Each hot water heat pump is characterized by a high level of efficiency. The devices do not generate excessive noise, so their operation is really comfortable.

Electric central heating boilers.

Another solution that will work perfectly with a photovoltaic installation is an electric central heating boiler. This device does not require access to a chimney or meet strict ventilation requirements. It is a modern and clean solution, providing thermal comfort and domestic hot water.

We also offer the sale and installation of heating films.

By emitting infrared radiation heat every object in the room. This is a modern and economical solution, they use half as much electricity as traditional electric heaters. Installation is done on the ceiling or floors, takes about one day, and the films do not require a boiler room, furnace or chimney. The system itself is virtually maintenance-free. Electric heating does not have to be expensive, with the heating foils we offer, you will save a lot of money.

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